MEHEM - Breast Care Certification Programme for Nurses

Breast Care Certification for Nurses is a 14-week training program specially designed for nurses who seek a carrier in breast health care as a clinical unit nurse, OR nurse, or navigator. In each week, on Mondays, the trainees are sitting at classes to listen to lectures given by faculty members and on Tuesdays, they join site-visits for hands-on training and observations in different settings. Totally 88 hours of lectures and 58 hours of practical training is provided to trainees at different disciplines of breast health care. Within the program, training nurses also attend meetings of advocacy groups’ regular executive and social meetings. The program is in Turkish (until now) and open to 8 nurses in each term. At the end of the term, trainees are sitting for both written and practical exams. To receive the certification, each nurse should pass from these exams and wrote a satisfactory essay on any given topic regarding breast care. Please click here to read the list of lectures and practical training details of the program.