Prof. Gulluoglu graduated from Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1991. He completed his general surgery residency at Marmara University School of Medicine, Istanbul where afterwards he held his post as assistant professor. In 1998, he founded Breast & Endocrine Surgery Unit at university hospital. Prof. Gulluoglu also held associate faculty member post at Breast & Endocrine Surgery Unit at Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway in 2000 and 2008. He currently holds full-time professor post at Marmara University School of Medicine since 2009. Prof. Gulluoglu also served as the visiting professor at Koc University School of Medicine, Istanbul between 2013 and 2015. He is an active member of International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC) and European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists (EUSOMA). Prof. Gulluoglu is also an honorary member of both Bulgarian Surgical Society and Romanian Society for Breast Surgery. He is institutional research coordinator of EORTC Breast Cancer Group and active Fellow of American College of Surgeons. Also, he is a member of Cancer Advisory Committee and Education Commission at Istanbul City Public Health Authority. Further, Prof. Gulluoglu is currently an executive board member at Breast Surgery International (BSI), Turkish Society of Breast Surgery and (Turkish) Innovation Society for Health Quality. He formerly served as the Vice-Coordinator and Head-Coordinator for clinical graduate medical education and is curently member of postgraduate education committee at Marmara University School of Medicine. Prof. Gulluoglu also works as the faculty member of European Academy of Senology (EAoS), International Breast Ultrasonography School (IBUS), European School of Oncology (ESO), Norwegian Breast & Endocrine Surgery Board and MANOSMED Mediterranean University of Mastology affiliated to Montpellier University School of Medicine. He previously served as the founding executive board and scientific committee member at European-Asian Society for Breast Diseases (EURAMA). He is also the member of executive committee of UEMS European Board of Surgery, Division of Breast Surgery and holds honorary fellowships of both European Board of General Surgery and Breast Surgery. Prof. Gulluoglu is currently the president of SENATURK (Turkish Academy of Senology) and deputy secretary at Senologic International Society (SIS). He previously served as the chairman of Committee for National Breast Cancer Screening at Turkish Ministry of Health between 2013-2017. Prof. Gulluoglu is the co-chair of International Istanbul Breast Cancer Conference (BREASTANBUL), convenor of Istanbul Reconstructive Breast Cancer Surgery (IREBS) Workshops and scientific coordinator of Athens Breast Cancer Conference. Besides, he is the associate editor of Breast Care, an international peer-review journal indexed in SCI-E. Prof. Gulluoglu is the co-founder of Marmara University Hospital, Breast Center which is a member of BreastCentresNetwork and currently works at Patient Access Partnership (PACT) Project as stakeholder at European Parliament in Brussels. He is also working as the counsellor to various national and international companies and institutions about innovation on healthcare and medical education.