History & Achievements

On 12 June 2010, European Academy of Senology (EAoS), European Institute of Oncology (EIO), German Social Security Company AOK, University of Essen, German International Medical Centers (G-IMC) and SENATURK (formerly known as "Turkish Oncoplastic Attempt") signed an official "Letter of Intent" in Duesseldorf under the guarantorate of Turkish General Consulate of Germany. With the authorization of this "Letter of Intent", training health professionals, congress organizations, exchange of medical staff among all parties, training Turkish surgeons with hands-on-surgery in Germany and Italy were agreed. SENATURK is organized to serve Turkey, Balkans, Middle East, North Africa, Caucasians and Caspian Region. All of its missions are planned to be carried to Middle East and North Africa with the collaboration via Euro-Arab School of Oncology (EASO) and Asia via European-Asian Society of Breast Diseases (EURAMA). The utmost objective of SENATURK projects are to establish accredited high-quality cancer units and excellence centers for breast health care, train and certify health professionals and disseminate the philosophy of quality assurance, data acquisition, benchmarking in regional health systems which will be the natural evolving procedure for globalisation process in training and health care provision.

June 12, 2010, Dusseldorf, Germany

In order to give a start to new idea, "Project SENA", the basis of SENATURK, was presented and approved by all parties. Project SENA was initiated with 4 goals: a. training surgeons, b. training breast nurses, c. educating public for fight against breast cancer and d. establishing accredited and certified breast centers. To cover all goals, SENATURK –Senoloji Akademisi (Senology Academy)- was established in November 2010 in Istanbul by Dr. Cem Yilmaz and Prof. Bahadir M. Güllüoglu. Missions of SENATURK were presented to Turkish breast cancer professionals by Dr. Cem YILMAZ on 3 December 2010 in Antalya. After the wide approval of the missions, the constitution was builded. Until the end of 2011, overall 16 departments were established with 41 Turkish and 21 international academic members from all over the world.

In 15 January 2011, SENATURK Summit for "Academic Collaboration for Breast Care; The European Perspective" was organized with the presence EAoS Secretary of Faculty Dr. Dirk Claus from Germany, Dr. Peter Kern from University of Essen and SENATURK's Turkish faculty members in Istanbul.

January 15, 2011, Istanbul, Turkey

After SENATURK, EURAMA was established with the presence of Prof. Umberto Veronesi , Dr. Mahdi Rezai and many other faculty from all over Asia and Europe on 14 April 2011 in Istanbul. Prof. Bahadir M. Güllüoglu, chairman of SENATURK, was elected as one of the executive committee members of EURAMA. During this meeting, negotiations between SENATURK, EAoS, IEO and St. Gallen Oncology have commenced and it was decided to finalize the procedure and announce the collaborative union of these parties and institutions during Düsseldorf Breast Cancer Congress in 7 June 2012 in Duesseldorf.

In order to propagate the missions of SENATURK, Dr. Cem Yilmaz, secretary of SENATURK Faculty, was invited to Annual Maritime Breast Cancer Congress which was held in Crete, Greece in May 2011. During the congress a special session for SENATURK was allocated and missions and roadmap of SENATURK were all welcome by European colleagues. As a result, to improve the relations next Maritime Congress was agreed to be organized in Turkey by both parties.

In the first half of 2011, Department of Educational Research & Program Development at SENATURK gave a start to set the basis of first Comprehensive Breast Nurse Training Program in Turkey. The faculty completed the curriculum which covers 27 modules to be given in 6 months.

Again SENATURK organized courses and meetings in 2011 to train academic faculty and increase awareness of health professionals. On 22 October 2011, a course on "How to Write Scientific Papers" was held under the auspices of SENATURK and MAYMET (Marmara Asian Side Association of Postgraduate Education on Breast Diseases) in which Prof. Emin KANSU, also a member of SENATURK faculty, chaired the event. Another SENATURK Meeting ""Physicians' Value and Overall Quality in Breast Care" was organized at Marmara University Hospital in 2 November 2011 which attracted many colleagues from oncology, surgery, radiology and pathology. SENATURK also started to publish its official on-line international journal "Breast Case" in 2011. Prof. Blake Cady from USA and Dr. Mahdi Rezai from Germany accepted to be the honorary editors and Assoc. Prof. Tamer Akca and Prof. Bahadir M Gulluoglu became the active co-editors-in-chief of the official journal.

SENATURK established "Breast School/Meme Okulu" with the collaboration of Universal Hospital Group and Istanbul Sisli Municipality in late 2011. With this public awareness project, more than 1000 women at Istanbul Sisli region were and still being trained for breast cancer and breast self-examination.

Since its establishment less than a year, SENATURK was commonly acknowledged. So far, media agency "AjansPress" had an agreement with SENATURK and started to serve medical news about breast cancer to the public and health-related institutions and industry.

In parallel to another mission of Project SENA, SENATURK signed a "Letter-of-Intent" with "SAP" which is globally the most known software business program developer and its partner in Turkey, "D-CAT Technologies". This letter confirmed that all parties will combine their efforts to develop programs for tumor registry and productivity in health organizations. Also, a well known Turkish medical web-based electronic project developer PLEKSUS started to give support to SENATURK's well known missions in areas such as developing its electronic learning infrastructure. Apart from these, SENATURK had the licensure for developing electronic media products with Apple Inc., USA. As well, for accrediation of breast units and cancer centers, SENATURK received the official support of DKG – German Cancer Society and Onkozert – Cancer Quality Management Systems in 2011.

Again in late 2011, SENATURK and EURAMA SouthEast Europe Chapter had an agreement to work together at the region and organize social and academic projects in Istanbul as the active capital. Therefore, 4 SENATURK faculty members were assigned as the executive committee members of EURAMA SouthEast Europe Chapter in November 2011.

SENATURK became the official partner of Duesseldorf Breast Cancer Conference in 2012.

Until now, other than previously mentioned organizations, Euro-Arab School of Oncology (EASO), Breast Surgery International (BSI), Egypt National Cancer Institute (NCI) and Arab Medical Association Against Cancer (AMAAC) and EuropaDonna-Turkey declared their interest to become project partners of SENATURK.