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Tribute to Prof. Umberto Veronesi: Writing the History over Breast Cancer Management for 50 years

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Prof. Bahadır Güllüoğlu, the president of SENATURK, has recently visited European Parliament in Brussels to join the Partnership on Equity of Access to Quality Healthcare in European Union after receiving an official invitation from the Presidency of EP. This officially named Patient Access Partnership is planned to work as a network aimed at bringing together patients, the health community, health industry and policy-makers to discuss and promote solutions in tackling barriers and inequities in healthcare across Europe. Mr. Andrey Kovatchev who is the Quaestor, member of the Presidency of the EP, with a group of his MEP colleagues initiated the creation of an Interest Group on Access to healthcare in the EP last November. This group is thought to play a major role in providing a platform for discussion and concrete action, in cooperation with patients and the healthcare community. It is also expected to promote synergies and knowledge-sharing regarding disease specific initiatives in the EP relating to access, and other thematic interest groups to ensure maximum effectiveness. SENATURK was represented by Prof. Güllüoğlu at the official launch of the Group on 27 January 2015 in Brussels. “SENATURK is expected to contribute to the objectives of the Group with its extended network, trained human resource and significant expertise. That is why we are very happy to see SENATURK’s representation here at the Parliament today” Mr. Kovatchev said. During the official launch, Mr. Vytenis Andriukaitis, the Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, also underlined the importance of rising the standards of life parameters by increasing the cooperation among all stakeholders. Also MEPs Mrs. Biljana Borzan from Croatia, Mrs. Marian Harkin from Ireland, Ms. Kateřina Konečná from Czech Republic and Mr. Cristian Silviu Buşoi from Romania made short remarks about the Project as the co-chairs of the Group saying that this initiation of the Parliament is a hope for those who really need high standards of healthcare and should be embraced by all state members.

With the partnership of SENATURK, Acibadem University and EuropaDonna, International Istanbul Breast Conference Breastanbul 2014 has been held between 30th September and 2nd October 2014 in Hilton Bosphorus Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 600 registrants from 34 countries followed the three day-meeting in which 46 international faculty took part in scientific programme in three parallel sessions. The event was presented and supported by Turkish Basketball Federation and Federation of International Basketball Associations FIBA.


Future Meetings

The Method Which Changed The Paradigm In Breast Cancer Surgery; Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (4 April 2015, Istanbul, Turkey)

3rd Istanbul Reconstructive Breast Surgery Workshop 2015 (IREBS 2015)(9 - 10 May 2015, Istanbul, Turkey)

Value-Based Quality In Breast Care (16 May 2015, Kusadasi, Turkey)

2nd Istanbul Breast Ultrasound Course 2015 (IBUS 2015)(18 - 20 June 2015, Istanbul, Turkey)



Bahadır M. Güllüoğlu; President
N. Zafer Cantürk; First Vice-President
Abut Kebudi; Executive Director
Cem Yılmaz; Gereal Secretary
Ahmet Erkek; Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Sertaç Ata Güler; Chief Operating Officer (COO)


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