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International Breast Ultrasound School, European School of Oncology and SENATURK will be organizing the very first breast ultrasonography course for surgeons in Turkey. This 3-day course between 15-17 June 2014 will cover theoretical lectures and hands-on trainings on phantom breast models. The language of the course will be English and held at Marmara University Pendik Hospital, Pendik, Istanbul, Turkey. Radiologists would also apply for the course. The capacity is limited so, first come first served principle will work. Early registration will close on 2nd May 2014. Please click below link to read more about the course.

Honorary meeting for Prof. Mustafa Dülger withold in Kocaeli with colloboration of EURAMA and SENATURK in November 30, 2013 with great success. The topic of the meeting was"Demanding future of breast cancer management". Almost 150 attendies were at the meeting from all around the Turkey especially from Istanbul and Kocaeli. Also there were foreign attendies from Serbia, Lebinan, Suudi Arabia, France, Germany, Greece and Holland. There were 5 foreign speakers and 5 Turkish speakers.

International Istanbul Breast Cancer Conference (IIBCC Breastanbul 2014) will be held during 30th September - 2nd October 2014 at Hilton Convention Center in Istanbul, Turkey in association with FIBA World Basketball Championship for Women. SENATURK is one of the organizing bodies apart from Acıbadem University School of Medicine and EuropaDonna Turkey. Parallel sessions will include postgraduate courses, conferences, symposia, panels, debates, advocacy sessions as well as activities open to public participation for awareness. International guest faculty will consist of scientists, physicians, nurses and advocates from all over the World also societies such as European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO), Breast Surgery International (BSI), European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists (EUSOMA), European-Asian Society of Breast Disease (EURAMA), American Society of Breast Diseases (ASBD), EUSOBI (European Society of Breast Imaging), European Academy of Senology (EAoS), Breast Health Global Initiative and European School of Oncology (ESO). The official language of the conference will be English. Smiltaneous interpretation will be provided to languages such as Turkish, Arabic and Russian. Click here to read the first announcement of the conference.

2nd Istanbul Reconstructive Breast Cancer Surgery (IREBS) Workshop will be held in 10-11 May 2014 in Istanbul under the auspices of SENATURK, Royal College of Surgeons-London (RCS-L), European Academy of Senology (EAoS), Association of Breast Surgeons (ABS) and British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS). During first day, the meeting will include lectures on immediate reconstructive procedures after definitive breast cancer surgery open to only 100 participants. On second day, demostrations on video, live and foam models for level I and II oncoplastic breast surgery will be done and only 24 trainees will have chance to practice on live and foam models for different types of therapeutic mammoplasty at 6 different module settings. In each module 2 tutors will train 4 trainees on various techniques. Totally 12 experienced tutors will constitute the official faculty and only the successful trainees will receive a certificate. Please click at below link to read the workshop flyer.

In order to subscribe SENATURK's official journal "Breast Care" please either log on the website for online subscription or download the subscription form by clicking the link.

Level III Masterclass on Oncoplastic Breast Surgery which was organized by SENATURK was held successfully on 7 and 8 June 2013 in Istanbul MARMA Congress Center. Faculty from Royal College of Surgeons of England, British Association of Breast Surgeons and British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons ran the 2-day masterclass. 26 Turkish and one Swiss breast surgeon participated and were certified after completing 15-hour practical modules on oncoplastic surgery skills and breast interventional ultrasonography.For further information please click here.

Prof. Bahadir M. Gulluoglu, president of SENATURK, has become the member of International Faculty of International Breast Ultrasound School (IBUS) which is the oldest institute on this field since 1991.

Prof. Bahadir M. Gulluoglu, president of SENATURK, visited Tbilisi, Georgia on 28 March 2013 as the representative of European School of Oncology (ESO) along with Prof. David Kaladze, Deputy Chairman of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and Russian Cancer Institute and Mrs. Daniela Mengato, Coordinator of Caspian Region Programmes of ESO.

SENATURK and EURAMA (Euro-Asian Society of Breast Diseases) signed a “Letter of Intent” on 23 November 2012 in Istanbul as they further agreed to collaborate on training, research and quality programs in breast care at both European and Asian countries.

2nd MAYMET - ESO Joint Meeting was held successfully at MARMA Congress Center on 6 October 2012 in which over 100 international participants attended the meeting.

"Breast Care (Karger)" became the official publication of SENATURK. Please click the link to log on to the journal.

SENATURK officers were invited to 9th Dusseldorf Breast Cancer Conference as honorary guests. To read all news, please click here.

To dowload the membership form of European - Asian Society for Breast Diseases (EURAMA), please click here.

For further information about European - Asian Society for Breast Diseases (EURAMA), please click here.

The European School of Oncology in co-operation with Nature Reviews in Clinical Oncology and Critical Reviews in Oncology Hematology is holding a series of distance learning programmes on the Internet, called "e-sessions": e-grandrounds and e-oncoreviews.

e-grandrounds: are weekly sessions on hot-topics held every Thursday from 18.15 to 19.00 CET (19.15 to 20.00 EET)

e-oncoreviews: are monthly sessions held on the 1st Tuesday of every month from 18.15 to 19.00 CET (19.15 to 20.00 EET) designed to offer a balance and comprehensive overview on a specific topic, be it a tumour type, a type of therapy, diagnostic or therapeutic approach.

The past sessions can be viewed at www.e-eso.net (registration to the website is required).


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  • N. Zafer Cantürk; First Vice-President
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  • Cem Yılmaz; General Secretary
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